Nancy Craig


Director of Accounting

We are so excited to have brought Nancy Craig on board as our Director of Accounting. Nancy started at jh Interior Design on February 14th… Valentine’s Day. It might be a cliché, but loves our group of talented designers!

Nancy has been in accounting her entire career. Our team loves working with design and she loves working with numbers. We all describe her as “mama bear” because she is an excellent listener and guide in life.

Her husband and she moved here almost one year ago from Northeast Iowa to be closer to family which consists of 4 children and 5 grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren. To her, life is precious and short, so ENJOY each and every day to its fullest!!!!

What is your spirit animal? A hummingbird! I focus on enjoyment in life and being easy going. Enjoying the sweetness of life by lifting up negativity wherever it creeps in and expressing love more fully in my daily endeavors.

One song you wouldn’t mind hearing every day for the rest of your life?
“Imagine” by John Lennon. The words are powerful and motivating, wanting to bring unity and togetherness into our world.

nancy craig