Julie Hockney


President / Principal Designer / Allied ASID

Our fearless leader (with a long list of credentials) – we can all truly say we wouldn’t be here without her. She dreamt up JH Interior Design in 2007, after honing in her skills at the University of Kansas, design school in Nashville and Metropolitan Community College in Omaha. If you would ask Julie what words she lived by, we don’t think it would surprise you that they would be “full speed ahead.”

While free time isn’t something Julie is too familiar with, she tries to sneak in some travel, workouts, and of course her friends whenever she can.

Would you rather live life without coffee or hairspray?
Duh… Hairspray!

Favorite part of the project?
When the design really starts to fall into place and you can see the client fully trusts in you.

Julie Hockney, interior designer