Nikki Skomal


Senior Designer / Director of Commercial / IIDA, NCIDQ

With more than 10 years of experience in designing commercial interiors, Nikki has worked on just about every project type from hospitality, to dental, healthcare and even some amazing workplaces. She has just about done it all and has some awards to prove it! But if you were to corner her and ask where her passion truly lies, she would say connecting interiors with a recognizable and exciting brand identity that truly provides an experience for every user. This passion stemmed primarily from her graduate work in interior design at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln where she focused on branding nightlife for young professionals through studies in Las Vegas.

Outside of work, Nikki absolutely LOVES to travel but when she is home and finds spare time, she naturally gravitates to the outdoors. Snowboarding, hiking, kayaking, lake time, she will take any chance she can to try to catch the sun. Aside from that, she is a yogi at heart and practices it religiously to stay balanced and focused in life and work. Namaste.

What is your spirit animal? Well a butterfly isn’t technically an animal but I would definitely say I love to fly toward the sun. I am not great with change but accept it in an attempt to consistently transform myself for the better. I am light and playful and love to dance alone in the wind.

Nikki Skomal, Interior Designer