Designer Melissa Cellucci



Mel is one of our newest members of JHDesign…but, surprise – she’ll be coming at you from our new branch in Steamboat Springs, CO. With her love of design and entrepreneurial spirit, Mel will be bringing the design expertise of JHDesign Steamboat to life in her beloved mountain town. Creativity runs through her veins and she is never not dreaming up new ideas and designs everywhere she goes.

When Mel isn’t remodeling her own home for 700th time you’ll probably find her packing her bags for a spontaneous trip somewhere with her family!

If you could only have one, which would you pick Ocean or Mountains?:
This is a torturous question for me and feels like asking me which one of my kids I love most. So… I love both – equally!

Melissa Cellucci, Designer, JH Design Studio